3 credits are required for graduation

Grade 9 Grade 10 Grade 11 Grade 12
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General Science with Lab

Honors General Science 9 with Lab

Biology I

Honors Biology I


Honors Chemistry

Advanced Topics in General Science


Honors Chemistry


Honors Physics

General Physics – UCONN

Biology – UCONN

Ethics and Science


Environmental Science


Human Anatomy and


General Science 9 with Lab develops the student’s scientific inquiry by integrating the sciences, with a focus on preparing the student. This course builds on the concepts and principles of chemistry, environmental topics and physics. The application of scientific concepts to trade experiences reinforces the curriculum. This course covers areas of chemical reactions, energy transfers in life processes and biochemistry. Students will form hypotheses, design experiments, use technology, analyze data and draw conclusions. Course content reflects the Connecticut Next Generation Science (NGSS) Assessment.

The honors section is a more rigorous application of the General Science 9 with Lab. Topics are covered more in depth and include additional hands-on laboratory work. Individual student research topics in Physical Science are emphasized in this course.

Following the Connecticut Science Framework 3 and 4, Biology I/Foundations of Life Science 10 with Lab continues the students’ scientific inquiry training as preparation for the NGSS Assessment. The course, which builds upon the knowledge of biological concepts, includes: cell chemistry, biotechnology, genetics, evolution and biodiversity. As in grade 9, students will continue forming hypotheses, designing experiments, analyzing data and drawing conclusions while expanding their understanding of the content standards.