Concussion Training

During the 2014 legislative session The Connecticut General Assembly approved Public Act 14-66 “An Act Concerning Youth Athletics and Concussions”.  This act requires that each regional board of education to implement a program for concussion education for athletes and parents/guardians of athletes.

The 2015-2016 school year was the first year that schools were required to be in compliance with Public Act 14-66.  The procedure for the 2019-2020 school year has been adjusted.  For the 2019-2020 school year all athletes, and parents/guardians of athletes, must view the Center of Disease Control and Prevention’s Concussion Awareness video.  Upon completion of viewing the video athletes and their parents/guardians must sign the “Student and Parent Concussion Informed Consent Form” and the  “Student and Parent Sudden Cardiac Arrest Informed Consent Form”.

Required Viewing Center of Disease Control and Prevention’s Concussion Awareness video

Additional Resources  The link below and those contained within the permission forms can provide additional education on concussions and sudden cardiac arrests.

Student Athlete Handbook 2020-2021

Athletic Handbook Sign-off 2020-2021

CTECS Interscholastic Permission Form 2020-2021

Fall Athletic Season Start Up Practice Schedule 2019-2020 

Permission to Stop for Food 2020-2021

Athlete Pick Up Form 2020-21

Student/Parent Concussion Consent Form 2020-2021

Student/Parent Sudden Cardiac Arrest Consent Form 2020-2021