Work-Based Learning

WBL Coordinator: Jousette Caraballo



(860) 649-5396 x311


We offer Work-Based Learning (WBL) at Howell Cheney Technical High School as a way for students to gain real-world experience, work in teams, solve problems and meet employer expectations.

It takes place during the school day and students not only receive credit toward their career technology, but also get paid. Through partnerships with local companies, students gain hands-on career development experiences that will help them through the transition from school to work.

Work Based Learning Policy

LED Form

Pre-Apprentice Form

Electrical WBL: Tajaa Williams

Electrical WBL: Jacob Thompson

Electrical WBL: Tyler Poulin

HVAC WBL: Dilallah Mercado

HVAC WBL: Daniel Garcia

Precision Machining WBL: Kyleigh Keovilay

HVAC WBL: Luke Lacasse

Electrical WBL:Trevor Brookes

Electrical WBL: Eddie Figiela

Electrical WBL: Chris Fournier

Electrical WBL: Dylan Barkasy

Electrical WBL: Dennis Bertrand

HVAC WBL: Matthew Milbrandt

HVAC WBL: Zachary Morin

Electrical WBL: Trevor Brookes

HVAC WBL: Lucas Figela, Brandon Garcia, Logan Harrison, and Cameron Saucier

Please visit our district's Work-Based Learning page to learn more about our WBL program offerings and policies.